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A very practical Creative and Marketing consulting firm

About Us

We create Market-Oriented Strategies for Serious Businesses that care about Brand Image and Recognition.

Brelix Consulting is a Nigerian-based digital marketing and consulting firm that believes there is no growth without strategy.
With over 8 years of doing business, operating within Lagos and Abuja, we have helped businesses of every size to stand out and win over their competition. Over here, we offer nothing but customized solutions to meet specific business needs that especially fits into their budget.

business divisions

business divisions

In the business of providing website services
In the business of providing marketing solutions

We are continuously exploring areas to foster business growth as well as brand value.

Social Media

Social Media Planning

Harnessing the power of social media platforms, by setting clearer goals.


Audit & Analytics

Detailed reports on performance, and closing the gap for site errors even before occurrence.


Brand Development

Making it easier for your brand to be memorable for what it stands for.

Customer Service

Maintenance & Support

Ensuring your webiste is up to date, just as its users are.

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A couple of businesses that trust us

Over here, we take customer satisfaction very seriously because we believe that there is no business without customer.
Over the years, we have embraced the pleasure of working with every scale of business be it as one-off service offering or as retainership services. We appreciate that each and every one of our clients would speak well of us when called upon.

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And some certifications that may indicate we know what we are doing


Founder's Note

Thank you for your time dedicated to learning about who we are and what we do here at Brelix.
As a growth-oriented venture, we truly care about bringing powerful digital marketing applications to life, and with my team of designers, developers and marketing experts, we are ready to take the next step for continued success.

In 2014, we started as a website development agency, then over the years, evolved into a full-fledged digital marketing company. In today’s digital marketing environment, the realities are different. We figured it best to separate our services in order to maintain compatibility between us and our new, existing and prospective clients.
We have worked so hard to maintain business relationships between brands in the B2B industry, as well as improve sales for B2C clients under our portfolio. In 2022, we made a decision to split our services into two distinct categories in order to proffer specific goal-oriented solutions to be particularly tailored for our individual clients.
With the advent of The Website Company and The Marketing Company, we welcome you into a new era of Digital Marketing!

Chukwuma Njoku

Founder/Team Lead

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We share the latest developments in the digital
world and the innovations of our company

We are Expanding Your Sales and Sectoral Brand Value. Work with us, get rid of ordinary methods.